Our Stories

  • Welcome to the crew Logan Mickelsen!

    When I was introduced to WeAreMind I was smitten. WeAreMind couldn't be more timely for our world today. We all need each other more than ever and this provides a platform to better connect and be involved in the mental health community.


    It wasn't a question of if I wanted to be involved, it was when.

  • Sims Tillirson

    Through high-school and early into my college career, I couldn't understand why I lived with such pain and darkness while all my friends seemed to be carefree. I only understood that I was sad and on edge, always.

  • Kyra Augustus

    He put a pulse oximeter on my finger. He asked me to look down and read the number to him, it was 98. “There’s nothing wrong with you, you probably have anxiety and there’s nothing I can do for that.” This was my first step into the world of mental health.
  • Bree Burden

    I'm a mental health newbie for myself, but a staunch advocate of it for others. I've seen the incredible work it can do and I'm ready to break into it for myself and find a better me.
  • Andy Heaton

    Mental health has become one of my greatest passions because of what I've experienced. I am so comforted to hear stories from others who have been on similar journeys and feel a sacred responsibility to help people know that they're not alone. It's so hard and hurts so deep. But we don't have to feel alone or powerless.
  • This is Nick Stagge

    It’s as if I find myself living in a place I’ve come to call ‘the in-between’. Because of my anxiety, I struggle fully experiencing the moment. I’m pulled into conflicting thoughts, torn at every decision, and lost in the possibilities of unanswered questions.